Donation Leverage

Turning funding into seed investment that is leveraged into local credits changes how we think about humanitarian work.

Impact Tracking

Designing resilient and inclusive economies takes an understanding of economic flows and modeling

Credit Commons

Communities themselves can issue their own credit, given safe guidelines and open source technologies that reach them where they are.

Grassroots Economics is …

Community Inclusion Currencies are game changing. When community groups are given he ability to safely create their own credit with simple to use yet cutting edge open source technology something amazing is possible.

Even in the poorest communities people have goods and services to offer each other – yet lack the money to trade with. By opening up the door to credit creation communities no longer have to rely on donor aid in order to have a medium of exchange. We have seen as much as 20x leverage on seed funding backing local credit creation.

CICs are built on scalable blockchain technology that enables anyone in the world to create their own credit systems and link them together into a decentralized economic system.

Based on over ten years of development by Grassroots Economics Foundation and having won awards in Blockchain for Sustainable Development, CICs are now being researched and scaled by organizations such as Red Cross, Innovation Norway, DOEN and BlockScience.

A group (chama) meeting in Rural Kenya where CIC users discuss how to build a resilient local economy.

Impact Statistics

Dive into the Community Inclusion Currency dashboard for a real-time view of the impact statistics.

Next Steps

Find out how communities are using CICs to support themselves and how you can help leverage your impact.